Infotrac for Convention Bureaus
Ease of use and exhaustive reporting were our key goals when designing Infotrac for Convention Bureaus. We designed a system that is easy to use, yet full featured and affordable. A system designed from the user's perspective, a tool to help your staff spend more of their time selling instead of wrestling with the computer.

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Infotrac Main Screen

Definite Booking Detail

On Screen Reporting
Ease of use was the driving concept in this system's design. Infotrac for Convention Bureaus is a streamlined system that lets your staff easily work traces, handle correspondence, record leads and bookings and generate the reports you need. All of this with a minimum of screens and all just a mouse click away.
Simple does not mean simplistic. This is a full featured system designed specifically for CVBs. Full integration with other Windows software means that all tasks can be accomplished from this one program. Infotrac for Convention Bureaus supports regional offices and sale staff with laptops on the road. And with Crystal ReportsTM built right in, there's not a piece of information in the system that can't be "sliced and diced" to your specification.
Sold on a per user basis, Infotrac for Convention Bureaus is as affordable for a small bureau as it is for a large bureau. Ease of use translates into lower training costs and less time spent away from selling while learning to use the software. And a reasonable maintenance fee covers all technical support and upgrades. Whether you have 1 salesperson or a staff of 25, Infotrac for Convention Bureaus provides the functionality you demand at a price that you can afford.

Directly link any Windows document to the account record.
Create letters, mass mailings and mailing labels without leaving Infotrac.
Attach correspondence directly to a call report.
Many existing fields can be modified, renamed and have custom pop-up lists associated with them.
An unlimited number of additional screens and fields can be added to meet your specific needs.
All fields, including custom fields, are available on reports.
Supports an unlimited number of regional offices.
Supports an unlimited number of simultaneous laptop computers.
Synchronization between home office and remote computers is automatic and can even be accomplished via e-mail.