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Inquiry+ - The Distribution Solution
Inquiry+ is the tool for tracking the distribution of your promotional material.  By keeping track of what’s going where and who’s getting what, Inquiry+ helps you assess your marketing strategies and focus your resources on the most effective avenues.
Easily enter and track all requests for visitor information, features automatic zip-code lookups, and user-definable drop down lists.

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Visitor Inquiry
  • Includes Walk-In and Bulk Distribution modules.
  • Summary and Fiscal year Reports help you analyze your marketing effectiveness.
  • Create professional fulfillment labels including codes for brochure and premium items
  • Save time and resources by importing inquiries directly from computer files.
  • Automatic lookups to all information - zip codes, sources, brochures, promotional items. User-definable and editable drop down lists.
  • Easily import data directly from ad agency diskettes.
  • Export your data directly to Word, Excel, Lotus, Dbase, or to an ASCII file for further analysis.

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Visitor Inquiry Entry Screen

Area Attractions

Area Attractions
  • Maintain a complete database of all contacts for all area attractions
  • Record and report on all activities associated with each attraction contact
  • Create mailing labels and lists for contacts by attraction categories or by assigned mailing lists
  • Print Reports categorized by type, location and date

Calendar of Events
  • Add and edit information about the events that take place in your area.
  • Easy data entry with zip code lookup, editable drop down lists and the ability to copy rather than re-enter recurring events
  • Print Calendar of Events or export in publishing format
  • Sort Calendar by location, category and dates

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Calendar of Events Screen

Convention Services
  • Track all the information needed to service conventions and report your servicing activity.
  • Easy access to all significant information from the main screen
  • Contact information includes automatic City and State lookups>
  • Track brochures and premium items requested by the group with automatic cost totaling of premium items
  • Comprehensive summary and detail reports for Accounts to be serviced and accounts which have already been serviced

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Convention Services Screen